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Qing Ming Festival, Hungry Ghost Festival during the seventh lunar month, Double Ninth Festival and Chinese New Year’s Eve are the four traditional folk festivals to worship the ancestors.

Generally, ancestor worship during Qing Ming Festival is when families gather at cemeteries to carry out sacrificial rites to the ancestors. It is the season to show appreciation for the ancestors and cherish their memory. However, due to work or health reasons, some may not be able to do so. In order to help them fulfill their obligations, Nirvana will provide representative worship service on their behalf. During this pandemic period, this service has become a popular choice to assuage any guilt or regret over such lapses.


The representative worship service basically includes everything entailed in ancestor worship and a series of sacrificial rites are carried out in accordance to the religious beliefs of the customer. If it is a Buddhist/Taoist package, this includes paying homage to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas at the Temple of the Three Saints, offering incense and joss treasures at the Da Bo Gong shrine, cleaning the tomb altar, offering incense to the Earth Deity, offering tea and dedicating a message from the family to the ancestors, burning joss papers and completing the entire service.


Although it was mentioned that Qing Ming Festival, Hungry Ghost Festival, Double Ninth Festival and Chinese New Year’s Eve are the four major traditional folk festivals, ancestor worship can be done on other days. Some will perform ancestor worship on special days such as birth and death anniversaries, parents’ day and other Chinese festivals. Hence, this service can be used all year round.


The convenience of the online subscription for the representative worship service is limited to members only. Members will also get to enjoy special prices. Since you can easily register as a member online, and you can become a member without any payment (no hidden fees), please click on the registration button to register online. Christian and Catholic friends can also choose a package that suits their beliefs and needs.


After filling up of simple personal info, the system will auto generate a link to the email address that you have registered, so, please check your mail box, open the mail by Nirvana system, click on the verification link, there you are, you have completed the registration process and ready to place orders in the system.


As a normal procedure, after user had completed the online registration, the system will automatically send out a verification / notification to the registered email address. If user did not receive the notification mail, it is possible that the current mailbox setting classifies the incoming mail as spam mail, please try to search the junk mail folder for the notification. Another option is to try register again with another set of email address, if the user still encounter problem, please contact the relevant Memorial Park for assistance.


The worship service is an activity carried out on a specific auspicious date. Generally, we promise to fulfill the service within 14 working days after the system officially confirms the order.


For the sake of operational efficiency, the worship event is not conducted everyday. Once the order is received, we will conduct the worship ceremony on the next auspicious date. However, you can choose a preferred date for an additional fee.


Once you are a registered member, you can log in for free and use the service tracking page. The system will also notify you by email after the service has been completed. This will allow you to easily track the progress of the service.


When the system confirms that you have completed the online payment process, you will receive a payment certificate from the system and a list of order tracking numbers to facilitate your order tracking progress.


That is not necessary. Many hope to send blessings to their late family and friends through this service. Anyone can use it to express their love.


For online subscription of the representative worship service, you must provide the location of your ancestor’s tomb. However if you have forgotten this, please check the product certificate or contact the relevant authorised Nirvana agent or click the “Contact customer service” button on the website to contact the relevant memorial park during office hours. We will try our best to provide relevant assistance.

非常方便,线上认购代拜服务计划可以以信用卡/ 线上银行转账/ 电子钱包的方式付款。(分阶段提升服务的便利当中)

The online subscription service can be paid through credit card, online bank transfer and electronic wallet at your convenience。 The payment facility is in the process of upgrading from time to time.


Important note: During and after payment, do not close the browser, kindly wait to be redirected back to the Nirvana webpage to ensure completion of the payment process.



Some of our memorial parks provide live-streaming services during the representative worship service. You can select the relevant service in the upgrade options and our customer service staff will coordinate with you on the time and details of the live-stream on that day.

However due to unstable network signals in some locations, we regret to say that we are currently unable to provide this related service.


Sorry, upon completing the payment process, the system settings do not allow any cancellation. Therefore, please check and confirm that all provided information are correct before completing payment.


Sorry, the booking time set by the system is at least 3 days in advance to facilitate preparation and administrative purposes. Ancestor worship is a very delicate ceremony, so please make an appointment in advance.


Thank you for your feedback. Please rate the service on the order tracking page and record your valuable feedback. Your suggestions will help us improve on the service.


Regardless of religious beliefs, representational worship is an act of conveying the warmth and love of family and friends, a ceremony to show respect for one’s ancestors. There is no so-called taboo.


Customer can choose Live broadcast service to enable the family members to participate online via live broadcast of the memorial dedication service. The service only applicable for selected memorial parks.


Yes, other than ancestors resting in Nirvana, the representational worship is applicable for ancestors resting at overseas, local cemeteries or other memorial parks. This service is only available at selected Nirvana Memorial Parks.

顾客可以在代拜服务后到My Acc查阅代拜的照片,系统一般上只储存30天,系统有权删除逾期的照片存档。

Customer can check for the photo on the representational worship in My Acc, the system will keep the photo for 30 days, and reserve the right to delete them after 30 days.


It seldom happens. It means the number of orders has reached the maximum order of the day in the system, customer can always try again later or the next day.

您看到的 PROMO CODE 是公司限时限量的优惠,如果您有收到最新的 Promo code,请输入以获得特别优惠。输入失效的Promo code 则将无法获得任何优惠。

The PROMO CODE column refers to the latest promotion by the company. If you have received Promo code, please key in here for special discount. Filling in of invalid promo code will not get any discount.