Devotion and filial piety must always be timely, lest there be regret due to unintentional lapses. Most of the time, life’s inconveniences prevent us from fulfilling our obligations to our departed loved ones. Let us assist you in fulfilling this commitment, and help you pay due respects and remembrance to your departed loved ones with total sincerity from the heart.

祭祖、慎终追远乃中华民族千年的优良孝道文化传承,也是本公司一向以来秉持的一项核心价值。 但自2020年新冠肺炎肆虐全球,如果全民祭祀,人流聚集,将不利于疫情防控,因此代拜服务成为了一项最好的取代方案。 公司在早年前已经推出了代拜服务。非疫情严峻时刻,公司也一样提供相关服务,因为有些顾客,由于工作、身体状况等多种逼不得已的原因,未能亲身前往拜祭,也希望该服务可以 让生命不留遗憾,让生命更圆满。

Reverence for ancestors is part of the traditional virtue of filial piety practised by Chinese society for thousands of years, and is also a virtue that Nirvana has always upheld. However, due to the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, large gatherings to venerate ancestors is not conducive for pandemic prevention and control. Fortunately, representative worship service is available as an alternative to ensure we fulfill our obligations to our departed loved ones. Nirvana’s Memorial Dedication representative worship service has been available before the pandemic for the convenience of customers who could not be physically present due to work, physical conditions or other compelling reasons. With this service, we hope to assist customers in fulfilling their ancestral obligations and help them feel at ease.